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OMG… is it ok to have these thoughts?

I’m Julie Hartell, a coach, mentor, and public speaker and I help mums and women to feel good, regain their confidence and self esteem, and if they’re about to return to work after a break, to help them hit the ground running.

One to one Coaching & Mentoring

I just wish I could get back to normal! 

Oh, if only it was that simple!

Perhaps I can help? I offer one to one coaching – a truly safe space to explore and confront some of your demons and help you navigate your way back to a better place where you’re more confident and able to face the world.

I also know from my own experiences as a Mum how valuable my mentor was in helping me stay focused and on track. And that’s what my 3-month mentoring programme is all about. A plan to stick to, guiding you on your return to work journey. And at the heart of the mentoring programme; a pathway to help you feel strong and confident once more.

Have a chat with me – perhaps I can help you get to a better place?

Keynote Speaking

Anxiety. Fear. Guilt. Depression

Oh yes, I know only too well what was behind my smiles.

My keynote talks are about busting open the myth about women transitioning and returning to the workplace by confronting what’s really going on ‘behind the smiles’.

I have found that by talking openly about my experiences of failure as a mother and in business, return to work mothers quickly find they are not alone and they feel empowered to confront their fears and make the most out of their personal lives and their careers.