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Coaching and Return-to-Work Workshops for Corporate and SME clients

I’m Julie Hartell and I’m all about supporting managers and return to work women with tailor-made online coaching workshops which means you can save approximately £30k per individual in recruitment costs by helping your staff to successfully and confidently return to work, be productive and stay happy.

Workshops For Return-to-Work Mums

I just wish I could get back to normal! 

There’s anxiety, guilt, fear and depression.

I also know from my own experiences as a Mum, this is how I felt when I thought about how I was going to return to work and actually make it work and feel happy.

The secret to confidently return to your job lies within my CLIP Framework and I would be only too happy to share this with you.

The Return-to-Work Mums Workshop is for you.

Workshops For Supporting Managers

The amount of time, effort and money you spend on replacing a staff member may surprise you…

Research states that if a staff member resigns, you’ll spend an average of £5,433 on replacing them in recruitment costs, onboarding, training and loss of productivity

The most effective way to reduce these recruitment costs is to make sure they return to their jobs, stay productive and happy.

The Supporting Managers Workshop is for you.