3 Truths About Motherhood

1. When you think, “Am I doing things right?” – know this…

There is no single right way to do things.

You get to decide what works best for you, your baby, your kids, teens. YOUR family. Try to focus on what those things are, and keep your eyes and ears turned inward.

People have different opinions and will verbalise them loudly, often trying to validate their own choices and decisions.

2. When you think, “Is something wrong with my baby?” remember…

Trust your intuition.

When in doubt, consult a trusted medical professional and stay off of Dr. Google. That’s a recipe for disaster every time.

3. When you experience mom/mum guilt, remember…You are enough.

This kind of guilt is the worst and actually, you are doing a bloody AMAZING job. If you love your kids and you keep trying to do your best, you are doing things right.

Honestly, do your bloody best to leave guilt, comparison and judgement behind because they are breeding grounds for anxiety in motherhood.

You’re all super women in my eyes.

You’re doing a fab job so tell yourself this right now!!!

Go on!!