Am I good enough to return after maternity?

You might hear ‘good work’ or you might hear….nothing.

Despite any supporting evidence to suggest you’re doing pretty great being back in your job, you feel like you’re never doing good enough.

And then uncertainty creeps in.

Yet this feeling of not being ‘good enough’ remains hidden to the outside world.

Inside you’re slowly imploding.

The belief that you aren’t ‘good enough’ when you return to work can impact you’re your approach to work and play havoc with your mind.

Trying to prove your worth then becomes the purpose behind everything you do.

The first step with battling these internal demons is acknowledging it.  Ignoring this sense of not being good enough will only fuel this feeling further and any small comment or non-comment from a team member can trigger a deeper sense of insecurity.

In scenarios where there is no evidence to back up your anxious thoughts about yourself, realising that this is NOT YOUR REALITY helps you to take a healthy step back and be in a position to have a think….

Have a think about this…

If you let this ‘I’m not good enough’ continue, you’re not in charge of your life and because things are changing all the time; deadlines change, people change, priorities change – no wonder you never get ‘there’.

But what does ‘good enough’ even mean?

Good enough for what?  For whom?  How much would you need to achieve to be enough?  What would you have to get or be to be enough?  To feel ‘enough?’

So, you may want to take the time to contemplate this sense of not being good enough.

And I think you’ll see that you’re looking for approval from something that only exists in your mind.

And it’s never satisfied so you’ll spend your whole life trying to please it.

Or until you decide to just stop.