How Much Are You Worth?

What do you think?




…or do you feel worthLESS?

It’s normal for Mums to adopt this undeniable feeling of pretty rubbish about ourselves.

You may feel so worthless that you actually believe you’re unlovable.

That no-one would want you.

Why do you think that happens?

Before you had kids, did you feel that unworthiness then?

If you have these thoughts and feelings, where did you learn them from?

Your partner? An ex-partner? A parent? Your kids? Your boss? Or is it because of a specific situation like your job? Who you hang out with?

Did you know that those can you feelings of unworthiness can creep up in the dark corners of your mind and lie within your subconscious where all sorts of lies are created (mostly by anxiety).

Then what happens is you start to actually believe them despite having no evidence to back these ok anxious thoughts up.

I experienced a deep sense of worthlessness and unworthiness within myself when it came to my first husband. I thought he was ‘the one’ but he preferred to invite more than just one into our relationship without me finding out! A serial cheater!!

However, when I did find out, I felt so low, so unloved and so crap about myself, I accepted his feeble apologies and stayed with him thus allowing him to continue to hurt me by doing the same again and again because I’d given him the impression that it was acceptable.

I felt so rotten about myself that I truly believed I wouldn’t find anyone else better, so I was resigned to the fact that this was it…this was how ‘love’ would be for. For me anyway.

It wasn’t until he actually walked away from me (yes…how annoying!) and many more flings behind my back that I lifted my head up and opened my eyes to my SUBCONSCIOUS thoughts and our subconscious thoughts don’t lie. They tell you the truth backed by fact.and the fact was, he couldn’t keep it in his trousers, I wasn’t enough and he needed to keep doing what he was doing because it was him that was unworthy.

I suddenly realised I’d had a lucky escape so I put a plan into action to find my prince despite being in my late 30’s and getting a bit broody!!

Fast forward a few years and I’m now very happily to Jerry because I got back out there knowing I was WORTH MORE than this guy was believing.

I went out there with confidence and asked the guy I wanted out for coffee. I actually put him on my to-do list and it worked.

We now have two beautiful daughters and life is busy. I still have ‘blips’ but I’ve learnt that’s normal being a Mum. Nothing is smooth and easy.

So since I experienced this ‘awakening’ of my true value, it all made complete sense but au know those sad and lonely feelings of unworthiness and worthlessness can affect your life, our choices and our decisions in every way imaginable.

So, I have explained how YOU can stop listening to your subconscious negative beliefs about your worth…because they’re lies.

Once you rise above your subconscious and get pure clarity on your awesome worth, THAT’S the point from which your transformation begins.

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