I’ve been there, perhaps now I can help you?

  • Empowering women returning to work after having children, so they hit the ground running
  • Designing and delivering tailored  programmes
  • Addressing their practical and emotional challenges
  • Facilitating a smooth re-integration into your workplace
  • Improving their career satisfaction and productivity rates
  • Enhancing personal performance and mental health & wellbeing
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The path back into a work is often rocky and perilous journey and each experience is unique.  So, I help and support these women to prepare an actionable return-to-work plan that meets their individual physical and emotional needs and their aspirations, so they can return to their workplace feeling energised, confident and focused.

The women I help to return to the workplace after motherhood often feel like they want to reclaim a lost identity – it feels very much like going through the grieving process.  Whether they are in the early stages of motherhood, 12 months in or their children are older, I know it can feel like life has thrown them an emotional curveball and all they want is to feel like themselves again in work and at home.  They yearn to boost their confidence and reignite their self-worth.

Essentially, mentoring helps these women ​to identify, challenge and overcome their roadblocks so they can navigate a clear, confident and successful passage back into their workplace.

‘Behind The Smiles’

Anxiety. Fear. Guilt. Depression. Oh yes, I know only too well what was behind my smiles…

‘Where’s My Mojo?’

It can take years for mother’s mojo to rebound after the birth of a baby. The idea of waiting until they’re in school can sometimes be more sickening than the whole 9 months of pregnancy…

Nervous As Hell About Going Back

In this talk, Julie shares the very real thoughts of a mother returning to her job and how those nerves can be overpowered…

The Great Pretender

Breaking news: Imposter Syndrome is normal, and it’s actually a good sign. Feeling like a ‘fraud’ usually means you are pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone…

What clients are saying about their sessions with Julie….

I found my transition back to work unquestionably hard and emotional.  I knew I would find it painful leaving my baby each day and I felt like lots of things had changed in my job as well as were my thoughts about going back there. Coaching allowed me to get my mojo back and after each session with Julie, I felt stronger and more confident about leaving my son in the care of the nursery and my enthusiasm for my job and my team returned with bells on!

Stella D

Julie’s coaching sessions have been a real help to me during a time of major transition after having my three children and wanting to go back to work and feel like I have some purpose, other than being a mother.  She helped me to redefine my priorities, my goals and in turn, I have taken bold leaps towards carving out a more fulfilling career and life for myself and my family.  It’s been invaluable to me.

Leanne C

The one off coaching sessions with Julie helped me to overcome a ton of unanswered questions, thoughts and fears and the help and support from Julie has been amazing.  If you need help like this, my advice is to seek support from a professional and if you’re looking for a professional who has lived through this same experience, is understanding, supportive, non-judgemental and refreshing to talk to then speak to Julie.

Sandra B

Julie’s one to one coaching sessions allowed me to open up about things I didn’t realise I had kept hidden from view and I felt supported enough by Julie to be able to tackle my challenges without zero judgement.  I felt like a huge weight was lifted during our sessions and had I not had this coaching, I probably would have chosen to leave my job due to my anxieties and stress.  I can see why Julie does what she does.

Jackie F