Me Time

“Free time” or “Me time” can be a bit of a joke when you’re a mum because when the heck do you ever get a few spare moments to yourself?

My husband jokes that my only me-time used to be when I went to the bathroom but if your house is anything like mine, that’s certainly not a time when I’m by myself!!

I’m sure my kids have a secret internal alarm that tells them EXACTLY when I’m on the toilet and that’s their cue to come and find me to have a long and in-depth conversation about something important like slime, food, or great dreaded question “when’s tea?”

So imagine a world where you literally have nothing to do for an hour.

No washing.

No cooking.

No cleaning.

No wiping toothpaste off the mirror.

No preparing packed lunches.

No ironing.

Hard to imagine right but what if you could find just ONE OR TWO HOURS a week?

And what if you filled that one or two hours with an activity that YOU want to do.

What would you do?

I bet it feels odd me even asking this because we are so good at putting our needs and desires last, that we rarely do the things that we want.

Okay…you may be getting to the gym once a week and that’s great and I do the same but in all honesty, I’d rather NOT go to the gym…I’d rather eat what I want and never put on weight. So for me, my gym visits are a requirement for my health. And yes, it’s time away from my kids and the house, but it’s hard work in the gym. I swear like I’ve just cleaned all of the bathrooms in my house!!

What I’m talking about is using those couple of hours doing something you LOVE!!

One of the things I love teaching women is how they can rediscover an activity that they’re passionate about OR reignite a new one…something they’ve always wanted to try but because of their busy lives, that desire to try something burns out and sadly can lay dormant for years or even worse, never resurfaces.

Most of my awesome women don’t have a clue where to start tho and that’s why I’m there to help show them how to rediscover their passion and give them some ideas.

The impact of doing this is always unquestionably transformational because if you think about it like this…if you do something that makes YOU happy, you’re a happy Mum and you do need to participate in pursuits that engage your brain on a grown-up level.

Anything that makes you happy, will make you more enthusiastic when you’re around your children too…it’s totally infectious!!

To help YOU think about what you would like to try, I have created a HUGE LIST of HOBBIES to get your juices flowing!

To make this HUGE HOBBY LIST less daunting, I have sorted the activities into categories.

So, whether you want an adventure or you’d like to learn how to create something, you’ll find plenty of hobby inspiration on my list!

Get access to my HUGE HOBBY LIST here and have fun choosing!

Julie xx