Women (and men!) work hard to build their careers so what happens when a woman becomes a mother and her career effectively hits the pause button?

On maternity leave, your priorities and routine change completely right?

You may feel a sense of disconnect from your workplace as you immerse yourself in being ‘mum’ and those ‘keep in touch days’ that are suggested to you by your employer may seem like a disruption to your new busy and exhausting routine, but this is actually your first life-line to achieving a successful return.

When it’s your time to return to your workplace, you may have thoughts and worries about how you’re going to bring your ‘A Game’ to the office and be an amazing mother and achieve a healthy balance both at home and at work.

I know how that story goes.  It’s the same thoughts I had too when I had my children.

Those anxious thoughts whizz around your head day and night, causing mayhem in your mind and it can affect your mood, your sleep pattern and your beliefs.

A potential solution can appear so unimaginable that you may try to flick those thoughts away and hope for the best when the time comes to return to work.  When you first become a mum, no amount of planning can really prepare you, but to ensure you can clearly navigate your return to the workplace with more confidence, a strong self-belief and your head held high needs some effective planning and preparation.  With the right planning and preparation through coaching with me helps you to stop being worried about what could go wrong and and start being excited about what could go right!

And you can do this with my mentoring programmes.

Research shows that 85% of want to return to work for various reasons: they want/need a challenge, to have a role other than being ‘Mum’, they want to be a good role model, make a contribution, not only financially to their family income, but also to their working world.  However, they are faced with a lack in confidence, negative beliefs and fears they are really want to overcome.

Through one to one mentoring sessions with me, I help you prepare an actionable return-to-work plan that meets your specific physical and emotional needs and aspirations so you return to the workplace feeling energised, confident and focused.