Show Me Your Muscles!


I’m not really inviting anyone reading this to send me some inappropriate photos of yourself flexing your guns…

Not today anyway 😆

This morning, I have been reminded of one of my strengths, which I can sometimes take for granted.

I like talking.

Hey, I’m a Mum…mums like to talk right?

Since 2006, I have used various social media platforms to communicate and connect with others.

Initially, I started a Blog as a first time mummy writing about the stuff alot of mothers won’t talk about…all the taboos…and it was just my ramblings.

I never really knew if anyone was reading my stuff though.

Going to dark place mentally after my second child was born stopped me in my tracks though…

It stopped me writing on my Blog.

It stopped everything.

It stopped me caring.

About myself.

And everyone else.

Getting through those dark times as a mother, as a wife and as an employee and has been a tricky to say the least but rather than write that time of my life completely off,

I decided to embrace it…

I openly talked about the stuff I had gone through with other mums in the playground and at work.

And what I realised was that I wasn’t alone.

And not only that…

There were still some women out there STILL suffering but you wouldn’t have known.

Because they had got so good at hiding it.

Seeing their emotion in their eyes, but hidden behind a buggy, a steering wheel or a computer screen, I felt like I my eyes had been opened to an unspoken truth and I started to be more aware of how mental health was affecting or should I say ‘infecting’ more and more of those I was coming into contact with.

An enormous wave of love and wanting to help them washed over me and initially I felt helpless to how I could make a difference or have a positive impact in their lives.

How could I ever help myself AND help these other women…if indeed they actually wanted help?

By leaning towards my desire to want to help and by using my own personal experience with mental health, I decided to go down the mentoring and coaching route and build a business that offered genuine support, and one to one coaching with actionable strategies that helped with anxiety, perfectionism, overcoming failure and feeling worthless which all comes from a place of pure passion for wanting to help others and see them carve out a future for themselves that made them feel happier and more fulfilled.

This life-changing, and exciting, chapter, in turn, inspired me to start writing my blog again.  In no time at all, another mum reached and told me that she could connect with everything I was writing about.  But she didn’t know how to untangle the thoughts in her head and she felt stuck.

We had a positive bonding conversation and I listened more than I talked.

By listening for key words in what she was saying about her feelings, I asked her the right questions that made her feel that she wasn’t alone.

By highlighting the unconscious negative self-talk she was using about herself and her life, we started the ball rolling with untangling those thoughts.

And it resulted in this lovely lady feeling telling me she felt more reassured, more confident and more in control about how she could make some positive decisions.

Her outpouring of relief and gratitude reminded me why I now love what I do.

And that all started with my words.

What I write.

And how I write it.

Who I write it for.

and more importantly WHY I write it.

So, what strengths do you have that you need to be reminded of?

Show me YOUR muscles!