Do you ever have those days when you wake up and wonder ‘Where did I go?’

Where did that energetic, motivated and confident girl go?

The one that liked to see her friends and stay out late and not worry about getting children to school the next day.

I miss her.

And when you look in that mirror you see a tired woman staring back who carries a gallon of mummy guilt around on her back.

Becoming a mum changes our identity and instead of enjoying this amazing transition, we feel like ‘Hang on a flippen’ minute!  Someone stole my sparkle!’

It’s not something we are ever warned about and it’s not something that’s really talked about.  It’s the norm to carry on regardless but how on earth does your employer expect us to come off our motherhood merry-go-round experience and emerge mentally and physically unaffected?

This sets us up for feeling like we’re not coping.

You can feel that you’re alone.

And it’s normal for us not to speak up just incase we feel ashamed or embarrassed for feeling like we are failing.

The systematic return of your sparkle is when the ‘you before kids’ and the ‘mummy you’ finally synchronise

When you take time to calibrate and find that balance, you can redefine who YOU are.  There are so many changing phases of motherhood though so it can be hard to keep up with the constant recalibration of our identity and it can take toll on our mental and physical state.

You are not alone. There are hundreds of women feeling exactly like this ALL over the world.

I have suffered the same feeling of my identity being snatched the moment I became a mum.  I did the ‘it’ll be okay’ thing and kept it in and I silently grieved for ME to come back.

That was me 8 years ago.

After getting myself out of that dark mental place, I eventually worked out a way to reignite my identity by making it my priority to snatch it back.

Now, my mission and my absolute passion is to empower other mums returning to work, so they can identify what they truly want and need and then show them how they can make that their reality.

My vision is that every mum who wants to make that positive change when they’re considering their return to work can be provided with the understanding, support and inspiration it takes to turn their vision of themselves into their reality, on their terms.

I can help organisations like yours to recognise the actual and potential value of their people, improve staff retention, satisfaction and productivity rates, and help to reduce the potential recruitment costs.

It’s important to develop the skills of senior managers, by helping them embrace and value the unique challenges of returning mums. And all of this helps in improving workplace diversity and inclusion within the organisation.

With me as your Coach, you’ll find a caring, understanding and motivational support partner, because becoming a mother, changes our world in the way only another mother can truly understand.

If you would like to talk to me about how I might be able to help you or your staff returning to work, please do message me or email me at and I’d be happy to arrange a time to call you back.

Julie xx