Why am I soooo busy all the time?

I used to do a brilliant job being an incredibly busy mum, but I never stopped to sort out my busy and self-critical thoughts and work out why I was ‘busy doing just stuff.’ I always felt like…what IS the point? I mean…’what’s my purpose? Yes, I’m a Mum but what else is there for me?’

Because I was busy, I used this busyness as an excuse for not sorting my priorities out and I became stuck in a circle of futile busyness with no clear plan about anything.

Yes I still felt that hole inside of me needing something more. I’d struggle with believing in myself. I’d cling onto bad habits and behaviors that kept me stuck until I started to become aware that these negative forces were actually stopping me from getting unstuck. It was preventing me from doing something positive about my situation. Once I had that awareness, I realised I needed to make a decision to change my life because no one else could do it for me.

I got to work and slowly but surely, by taking consistent and realistic action every day, I turned things right around. The system I created and adhered to really worked. I was a happy mum, no longer feeling stuck but felt excited about my future and what was ahead. This system isn’t a magic wand. It’s not a gimmick. It’s about being in that place where you know something has to change otherwise you’ll end up burnt-out, stressed out to the max or going down a dark path.

I have created a safe way to take other mums on this same journey that I took and the investment is 82p a day. A day!! It’s less than the price of a KitKat Chunky! This will be a continuous journey of self-improvement with me and a small group of like-minded mums and will begin on the 15th June in my private Facebook Group.

Registration is open for 10 mum buddies to join me on this transformational online experience, but there are now just 7 spaces remaining as 3 mums signed up over this weekend.

If you’re interested in finding out more or you have a question, comment below but I can only take those women who are ready for change.

You need to go from wanting to change your life to deciding to change your life.

And remember, no matter how rough your life gets, you can always turn it around.

You ready?

Julie 💕