Why do I feel judged by my friends?

Everyone’s eyes are on you and you can tell from the expressions on their faces; they disagree with everything you’re saying, they dislike your outfit, hate your hair, and have determined that you’re some kind of idiot for wanting more out of life. At least, that’s how we feel sometimes, right? Judged.

It could be retraining in something, applying for a promotion where you are now, starting your own business or applying for a new job somewhere else. Then what happens? Six months later and you put it off again… It’s not the right time.

“I’m not ready.”

“Too much stuff going on.”

“I can’t deal with what my friends will think about what I want to do.”

And that goal or vision you have just moves further away.

If you’re a mum, you’ll know that nagging feeling…you know the one…that urge to do something you reeeeeally want to do but you have 101 excuses as to WHY you can’t start it…

Self-doubt is normal, and believe it or not, even healthy at times. It’s your body’s way of providing an assessment of our actions to make sure we are going forward in a way that supports our values and our intention but BOY does it play mind-games with our brains right?!

I find the difference between my clients and those who struggle is the HOW they keep their self-doubt in check.

So today I’m going to let you peek into my world and share with you how I help my clients and, if I’m honest, how I manage my SELF-DOUBT too, because it’s always there…there’s just a secret to managing it…

When I started my mentoring business, I was working a full-time in another day job and had my two young children and I found myself working into the wee hours and surviving on just a few hours sleep.  So when anyone tries to tell me – “there isn’t time” or “what if my friends think I’m wasting my time?” or “what if I can’t make this work?” – I know it’s self-doubt talking.

The thing is…you can make the time for your career if you’re willing to do the things that 95% of people aren’t willing to do.

You get to choose how you spend your time and the actions you take and the simple truth is that most people don’t choose to give up their early mornings or evenings and they tend to doubt their own ability to get stuff done before they’ve even given themselves the chance to do it!

If you choose to be a person who is willing to do the work, you will reap the benefits — and much sooner than you think.

So, if you’re really ready for that to happen, I have a solution for you and it’s the GSD Solution (Get Sh1t Done):-

  1. Recognise It
  2. Do Something
  3. Trust Things Will Work Out
  4. Stop Talking About Your Goals
  5. Stop Seeking Approval From Others
  6. Stop Making Excuses
  7. Be Compassionate

Admittedly, I delve a lot deeper into each of those 7 steps with my clients if self-doubt rears it’s ugly head and this ensures the ‘Get Sh1t Done’ Solution is super-effective for them.

Who wouldn’t want a solution to get their sh1t done?