Why the hell do I feel like this?

Do you remember that time BC (Before Covid19) when you had to get up at stupid o’clock on a Monday morning?

You’d be responsible for getting your little ones up, put the kettle on, make 101 breakfasts for impatient rugrats and you’d be lucky to wedge in time for a shower and breakfast for yourself before you ran out the door, joined the rat race and then you’d remember all the things you forgot to do before you left the house.

Because you had/have a job.

You NEEDED to go to work. But you weren’t in a happy place. When you’re doing your job, you often thought…omg…I still have another 30, 20, 10, 5 years to go and then, I can retire and finally do the things I really want to do.

Before I changed my career, I was stuck in a job that I chose because it fitted around our kids and my husband’s job, but I hated it.  I couldn’t use all of my skills, I didn’t feel valued by the boss and I didn’t feel I could make a positive impact there.  I felt as though my life was defined by our kids.  The measly amount of income I was making, my low self-worth, my lack of confidence and my dreaded sense of guilt for wanting ‘out’ only made matters much worse.

Maybe this is you now or this was your life BC or maybe it’s the life of someone you know?

To many people, work is just a hassle…an inconvenience.  Ok, it’s a way to pay the bills but it can sometimes become a hindrance.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of people desperately trying to juggle their work and home life and so there are hundreds of thousands of people feeling stuck on Groundhog Day and wondering how they got to where they are or will be when they go back to work after lockdown.

Your work that you do – whatever it is – is an integral part of your life and I want to share with you that  it CAN be really meaningful and fulfilling.

Let me explain…

Unless you have a money tree growing in your garden, you need to work to earn money to pay for the things you need to live your life.  To a lot of people, food, clothes, and a home are paid for by the money you receive from your work.  Your need for job security is actually your need for financial security, but is this is your ONLY reason, it’s a negative one.  Fulfilling that need for security and paying the bills is not something that encourages you to actually enjoy your job.

To some, work is a way of belonging because you may be part of larger organisation who come together to achieve a common purpose or vision.  That’s why losing a job or being on furlough during lockdown can hurts you both financially and socially.

For some, there’s an instinctive drive to apply your skills, learn new ones, share your knowledge, to help others and become the best at what you do and ‘work’ can provide you with the opportunity to make this happen which can bring about a sense of real attainment and achievement.  But for this happen, you need to identify which skills we have and which skills we want to develop further and then find a suitable role that allows you to demonstrate your new-found skills.

If you stay in a job that does not allow you to grow and learn, you can become despondent and feel disconnected right?  After a while, if things haven’t changed, you can end up losing focus, lacking energy, drive and motivation and then…you’re stuck.

Wouldn’t it be just amazing, if you could have work that helps you to give meaning to your life?  Having a meaningful job doesn’t just mean helping a charity or having a voluntary role though.  There are lots of deep and meaningful jobs that could tick your happy and fulfilling boxes…you just have to be open to finding them.

So, if you have a work role that allows you to achieve a work and life balance, that gives you the flexibility you want, the money you want and need to make your dreams come true, you’re in an amazing place right now.

If you haven’t, don’t despair.

Next time you wake up and think about your job and you’re reluctant to go back to work, think about what truly matters to you…which talents and skills you want to develop, which type of organisation you want to work for and the kind of impact in the world you want to make.  After that, drop me a line and we can have a chat over coffee online.  After all, I do what I do for the same deeply human reasons as you have.

“You are not a drop in the ocean.  You are the entire ocean in a drop” – Rumi